At the Symphony Post Acute Network, we actively strive to become the top healthcare employer in each and every community we serve. We know that experienced and dedicated employees are key to building an outstanding, resident-centered care model.

We Hire & Retain The Best

We’re dedicated to recruiting and retaining the best employees in the health care industry. This dedication is demonstrated by the inherent professionalism of our frontline staff, as well as our own financial commitment to their recurrent retraining and advanced professional education. In the past five years, over 100 of our staff members have earned college degrees. Many others have continued their professional education and achieved advanced practice degrees and professional nursing licenses.

We Enhance Employee Satisfaction

At the Symphony Post Acute Network, we value the contributions of every caregiver and staff member we employ. We are dedicated to creating a positive, productive work environment where they are allowed to thrive. To ensure that we do, we conduct regular surveys to continuously assess and, if needed, improve our ability to provide the best work environment for our employees. We believe that our extremely low turnover rate (about half the national average for skilled nursing facilities) is a true testament to the success of our proactive approach.



The Heart & Soul Foundation

The Heart and Soul Foundation is an example of how we care for our workforce. The Foundation was started by donations from the Hartman family and is contributed to regularly by employees’ optional payroll deductions. For years, the Foundation has assisted our employees affected by severe financial hardship due to unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disasters, fire, funerals and severe medical conditions.